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Do you fight anxiety, self-doubt or negative thoughts? Do you struggle to love yourself, your body, or have an unhealthy relationship with food? Do you feel stuck in your business or personal life? The solution to each of these problems actually lies in neuroscience. That’s why it’s not enough to simply say affirmations and practice self-care. In order to heal, you have to treat the brain AND the body. I help my clients reprogram their hardwired thoughts and emotions so they truly transform and become the creator of their life, reaching their highest potential and feeling lasting self-love, confidence and joy.  


If you suffer with chronic pain or illness, you know what it's like to be a prisoner in your body. It affects everything - career, relationships, your self-worth and happiness. It doesn't have to be this way! During my own 20-year journey battling chronic pain and illness, I began searching for answers when everything I had tried to treat my body hadn't worked. What I uncovered changed EVERYTHING, as I realized my nervous system was the missing piece to being able to heal fully. You CAN reprogram the brain-body connection to get your life back.

What My Clients Say...

"Bio Emotional Healing® is a truly life changing program that I will continue to benefit from for the rest of my life. As someone who has been around the block with doctors and therapists, this program was a game changer. I am in remission from depression and anxiety for the first time in 15 years. There are simply no words to describe the depth of my gratitude. Thank you, Ashleigh!"

- Mary

"Working with Ashleigh and going through the Bio Emotional Healing® program has been the missing piece in my healing journey. When I first talked with Ashleigh, I felt a strong prompting that I should do this program. But being the skeptic I was, I felt resistance and really questioned if it would just end up being like all the other programs I had tried in the past: a good chunk of money and time invested but not feeling or seeing the healing or changes I’ve been longing for.  Something just wasn’t  “clicking.” 


I am beyond glad I took a leap of faith and bet on myself and her. THIS PROGRAM WORKS! At the end of 9 weeks, I can honestly say my life has been changed. I have leveled-up and have seen so many ways that I have broken free from my old-programming. I wasn’t perfect, but I did the work, showed up each week and trusted the process. I have never felt this free and in control of my life. I still have room for growth and more healing, but I feel confident that I have tools and knowledge that make sense and work! 


I’m so grateful for Ashleigh and that she did her own work and now shares something so valuable and life changing with others."

- Megan

"Due to my age (84), my journey may not be a long one, but it will now be a positive one filled with gratitude, kindness, and spirituality. I have let go of the negativity. Ashleigh's teachings have given me the courage and the emotional strength to find a new path. 

My journey through Bio Emotional Healing® was amazing, healing, comforting, difficult, tearful, insightful, cleansing and powerful. This is not an easy journey to take as it requires some deep soul searching in order to find the root cause of our problems and discomfort, but it is well worth the effort. Knowing how to change, and that we can change, is a Godsend! The tools Ashleigh has provided are definitely effective when properly applied to heal both our physical and mental issues. 

My greatest success is a better understanding of how my brain responds to my thought processes and to know I now have the tools and a method to reprogram the past negativity into positive responses. Thank you again Ashleigh for being who you are and for having the courage to tell your story, so that we as individuals and the world can be a better place. When I count my many blessings, you are at the top of my list!"

- Carol

"What an adventure I have been on the past 12 years living with chronic pain. After years of experimenting with healing modalities, I started coaching under Ashleigh and I can honestly say that those 9 weeks were transformational. She helped me to find the joy, purpose and opportunity in the suffering. I worked hard with her by my side to rewire my brain with Bio Emotional Healing®. During our weekly conversations I found myself teary with gratitude and hope, knowing that someone understands and has overcome a life of excruciating pain. Ashleigh helped put my fear and discouragement aside and to move in a forward motion giving me daily tools to build upon. 

It’s been a year now and the intensity of my pain has gone from a scale rating of a 9 down to a 2! Another miracle: it only lasts 1-2 hours a day. I CAN LIVE LIKE THIS. I dance around my home and jump on the tramp with my kiddos without excuses. 
Thank you Ashleigh! Your mess turned into your message and made all the difference in my life! 

- Julie

"Ashleigh leads you on a transformational journey and guides you through a miraculous process of going from living a fear-based life dictated by your daily chronic symptoms to living a hope-filled and joy-based life, even while you’re still struggling with chronic health issues. I can honestly say I never knew this level of inner peace and freedom existed, especially while struggling with a chronic illness for 7+ years.  It’s so crazy how since going through this program that I’ve actually been experiencing less pain and less frequency of symptoms than I ever did before, and I know it’s because of how I’ve learned to retrain and reprogram my brain. It’s quite fascinating and absolutely amazing at how much more I’m able to show up and be present in my life even amongst the health issues in ways I just wasn’t able to before Bio Emotional Healing®.


Her program has forever changed me, because I now wholeheartedly believe in myself & in all the possibilities of my life again, something I hadn’t dared to dream possible since getting sick at 18 years old. Ashleigh’s program did more than just give me my life back, it allowed me to start envisioning & creating the life I’ve only ever dreamed possible. A life that’s no longer dictated by my chronic symptoms, but a life that truly lives out all the beautiful lessons I’ve learned from struggling with a chronic illness for 7+ years. It’s changed how I live my life, how I can show up and love my family— my husband, my son, our new baby on the way, and everyone else in my life, too. It’s allowed me to truly become the woman, the wife, the mother, and the person God created me to be. And that’s made all the difference in the world.

- Adrianna

"I truly am a different person now than when I began my healing journey through Bio Emotional Healing®. Ashleigh has given me the tools (thank you, Ashleigh!) to live my best life. I have learned how to take control of my thoughts and it is so empowering. I have learned so much about the subconscious mind. I had no idea how much negative information I was feeding my subconscious and how much control my subconscious had over how I lived my life. I now live in the present moment and I have released the past. Letting the past go has given me freedom! I have learned to live in a state of gratitude. I have learned to be grateful for my body. This was a big win for me, as I've never loved my body before. I have learned how to speak to myself with love, another big win. I now see my body as a gift! I also have a new level of self confidence. My journey working with Ashleigh was AMAZING! I know I'm the only one in charge of my life, and that I have a choice in how I want to live it!"

- Barbara

"My mindset has done a complete 180. I find positivity is my days and can move through tough days much easier. I feel in control of my thoughts and emotions instead of them running me. I am able to recognize emotions happening in my body before they overwhelm me. I have more joy in my life, more love for myself and see my body with so much more acceptance. Bio Emotional Healing® truly allows for a permanent shift rather than simply a Band-Aid."

- Aelie

"All my life I have been driven to become the best version of myself possible. As with everyone else, there has been drama, trauma, and bumps and bruises. I had come across occasional healing truths and had success at times. However, with each devastating relapse I was left wondering, "What am I missing? What "roots" need to be pulled out? " I felt like I was constantly weeding the garden but never getting rid of the roots producing the weeds.


After coming across Ashleigh's program of Bio Emotional Healing, I thought, "She has the answers." And I was right. It was an amazing experience to have each week's assignment fulfilled. A journey which not only identified the core roots causing the problems in my life, but exposed forever the lies holding me back. I remember FEELING them pulled out. The Fear and Failure were replaced with Knowledge and Faith. And once a lie is exposed it can never have power again.


I'm not saying it wasn't and isn't daily hard work. It IS the hardest work I've ever done in my life, but I am worth it. This is my journey. I am the most important investment I will ever make. My destiny is to fulfill the greatest measure of my creation. What is yours? Thank you Ashleigh."

- Niki

"I can't even begin to tell you how much my life has changed since I started Bio Emotional Healing® a year ago. I was so at the end of my rope when I reached out to Ashleigh. I started to look into so many options for help, thinking that the only thing that could help me now was possibly Electroconvulsive therapy. After completing the course, I continued to practice the things I learned and I am proud to say that I have felt a shift and feel more in control. I cannot believe how far I have come in just a year after not making progress for basically four or more years. I have become so much better at listening to my body and loving my body, and trying to let it help me and me help it. My default brain is no longer death and doom and gloom. It does still try to lead me down that path, but it is so much easier to switch my thought process or even to start out on a much better tone. I get so emotional when I talk to people about my change and how much Ashleigh and Bio Emotional Healing® has helped me! I know there are still more things in my past that I need to work through to fully take charge of my life, but I now feel like I am capable of taking those hard things on. It has truly been so incredible and I can't thank Ashleigh enough for everything she has done for me. Her work is amazing!"

- Emma

"After doing Bio Emotional Healing®, I'm truly more engaged to just be in the present moment. I'm able to feel joy and see life through a new perspective. I have less anxiety and feel more peace, calmness, and connection. I no longer run away from my feelings, but have experienced the freedom of letting go. There's a hopefulness now inside that allows me to look forward to each new day! Even though there were challenging moments in the journey, I loved every moment of it as I feel empowered that I have taken back my power. It's like everything I've been waiting for.

- Amanda

Ready to find out if Bio Emotional Healing® is right for you?


My time is very limited so please only book a call if you are serious about changing your life.

More Lives Changed...

"Bio Emotional Healing® is a journey. It's challenging and exhausting at times but so rewarding and above all else it gave me the tools to begin my healing journey from chronic pain. 

When my daughter was born I experienced some unexplained chronic pain that continued to persist and get worse. After almost 2 years of countless doctors appointments, no answers and a million blood tests and procedures later, I discovered Ashleigh on Instagram. Her presence and story immediately captivated me and a few weeks later I signed up for an initial call with her. She was the first person to truly understand what I was going through. Everything she said made sense and pointed to why my pain was neuroplastic pain rather than physical pain caused by injury or disease. She was not pushy at all but reassured me that if I started Bio Emotional Healing®, I would heal and attain my healing goals. My wife and I decided that I had no choice but to try this because the way I was living just wasn't working. This was something that was certainly out of my comfort zone but Ashleigh made me feel heard and was so reassuring and I knew I could trust her. 

My identity before Bio Emotional Healing® was my pain. A month out from my 8 weeks and my identity today is more that of a father and husband and less about a person in pain. I'm finding joy in the small moments with my daughter and wife. I feel like I got my life back and I can feel the neural switch in my brain. It's crazy to think how you can change your brain. It sounds as crazy as it feels but it truly is possible. I am still on my journey and technically will always be but I am going on 4 weeks with little-to-no pain and before Bio Emotional Healing® I rarely went even one day without pain. 

If you're considering working with Ashleigh and can afford to do so, do not hesitate to take the plunge. It is so worth it and life changing. If the financial side is holding you back the most just ask yourself what I asked myself: what is living pain free worth to you? I would have given anything to feel even 10% better when I was at my worst and you cannot put a price tag on your health and feeling your best. Don't hold yourself back. Trust the process. 

Ashleigh is so dedicated and with you every step of the way. She is truly an amazing soul and I feel like she was put on this earth and given her challenges in life so that she could help others. She's so caring and thoughtful and gives her life to this work and you can feel that in so many ways. On our last call she said she considers her clients to be family and that is really how it feels. I feel like I can count on her and she knows more about me than some of the closest people in my life. 

Ashleigh, I cannot thank you enough for helping me and for believing in me. I will carry this process with me for the rest of my life and I'm so happy that I have the tools moving forward to be the best version of myself. I am forever grateful for you and feel like I gained a great lifelong friend along the way. Thank you for everything you did and continue to do for me."

- Matt

"I am a totally different person than I was at the beginning of starting Bio Emotional Healing®. I broke some old lies and replaced them with truth, and established new boundaries with loved ones. I am not being triggered into stress as easily and have dealt with relationships in a whole new way. During the process, I went through some extremely stressful trials and I believe God provided my time with Ashleigh and Bio Emotional Healing® to prepare me for the trials that were headed my way. I truly believe that I would not have made it through so stable in my mental strength and grounded in hope had I not had my time with her and learned Bio Emotional Healing®. I am forever grateful!"

- Rebecca

"I did Bio Emotional Healing® because I thought it would be good for the two business I run, but what it ended up being was life-changing! I cannot recommend Ashleigh highly enough. If you have any issues like you don't think you're good enough or that it's too late for you, I would highly encourage you to do it. I invested in my self and it was so so worth it!

- Melinda

"For many years I was not a good sleeper. It started in college, and over time devolved into an inability to stay asleep. On average I was waking 15 times an hour at night. My sleep doctor said I needed therapy for anxiety with no further explanation. At that time, my sleep began to deteriorate even more, eventually deteriorating to the point where I absolutely required sleep medication to fall asleep. I became anxious and panicked because I did not want medication to sleep--I wanted to do it on my own--and started having panic attacks during the day. During my internet surfing sessions for help with my anxiety (I now needed anti-anxiety medication too), I came across Ashleigh's program. It seemed impossible for me and yet it was a beacon of hope. Now I am not one to spend much on myself, but I was desperate with spiraling thoughts and fear that I would need hospitalization to get my anxiety under control. My husband wanted solutions too.

Her program allowed me to deal with the root cause of my sleeplessness and anxiety. I don't have childhood abuse or extreme trauma and I couldn't really figure out what was causing it and I certainly couldn't face it. But in my momentum call with Ashleigh, she saw something in me, pointed it out and afterwards I realized: that was the root! That is why I do what I do and why I can't sleep! And using her programming techniques, I was able to work through facing it and within a couple of weeks, I was off my sleep and anxiety medications.

I think even more important is how I am now equipped to deal with life and thoughts and judgements, and discard what doesn't serve me and embrace what does. I am now able to really value myself appropriately--something I couldn't do before. My sleep continues to improve and I find there are a lot more paths opened up to me."

- Tara

"The dialogue in my head and how I process experiences has completely changed. I have learned to give experiences different meanings that serve me better and support me instead of creating fear, lack and anxiety. One of my favorite things that I have experienced through Bio Emotional Healing®, is that I feel much more like myself than I have in years. I honestly can't remember the last time I felt so connected to my body, my soul, my mind. I had some issues with dissociation from trauma while driving, and this course has helped me with my presence of mind and body, and confidence in who I am. I have also gained a greater appreciation and love for myself and my body. Having had anxiety around medical things, this is a huge blessing as I usually feel so much fear when something goes wrong or I am sick, or someone in my family is hurt or sick. It has given me the tools necessary to experience them with perspective and confidence, instead of crumbling into victim mode.

Since finishing the course, my family has experienced quite a few challenges and I feel more calm than I have in years! Working with Ashleigh and doing Bio Emotional Healing® has been the raft I've been trying to find in the storm! Thank you Ashleigh for sharing your knowledge and strength! It's life changing!"

- Holly

"My life has been immensely enriched by Ashleigh’s light and guidance, through her Bio Emotional Healing® program! I now comprehend that I AM the 100% influencer and creator of my life. I am convinced that my greatest power is in focusing on what I desire. I am now actually releasing myself from the past and from the negativity that weighed me down and kept me from all things glorious! I now choose to move forward and not look back!! Thank you, Ashleigh, for shining your light so that I could see what was possible for my own life!"

- Richelle

"I'm so grateful I came across the Bio Emotional Healing® program. When I had my first call with Ashleigh, I felt like I was in a place where I was constantly at war with my body, I had an extreme "all-or-nothing" mindset, and I couldn't seem to stick with creating better habits due to my mindset of perfectionism. I had let my negative, self-doubting thoughts take over and I didn't realize at the time how much power I actually have over them. The program taught me to understand myself and why I have certain thoughts. Instead of letting them consume me and control my life, I'm now able to take a step back, observe, understand, and change my thought patterns.

Growing up, especially as a dancer, I experienced major body image struggles that became deeply rooted into how I perceived myself and my worth. Through this program, I connected with my body and soul in a way that I have never experienced in my entire life, through a lens of pure love instead of criticism. I learned that my new life allows room for imperfection and grace towards myself when I make mistakes, or when my day doesn't go "perfectly". I'm so thankful I went through this program. It has changed my life!"

- Taryn

"Years and years of seeking comfort from food left my brain in a blur and the fog continued to grow denser until I started this program. I want to thank Ashleigh for creating this program and this safe place for us to grow. I crawled out of despair one day at a time refusing to give into the sugar, the cravings, the addiction. As self-love has filled my soul the regrets and shame have disappeared. This program has helped me to choose life and make positive changes. I don’t feel deprived, I feel loved. I have reclaimed my life."

- Julie

"The impact that Ashleigh has had in my life is huge. I look at the world differently. She has truly broadened my perspective of life and that I can truly be happy in each moment of my life even through the hard times. Ashleigh is such an amazing person to work with and she will inspire you to get up every day and to work harder than you did before, but if you make a mistake, like we all do, to keep going because the best is yet to come!"

- Anne-Marie

"I didn’t feel like I had the motivation to do much of anything. I didn’t want to exercise, I didn’t want to get out often, I didn’t want to interact with people. I felt that my self-worth had diminished. Now I feel better about myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I feel encouraged to make changes that will make my life happier. Thank you for helping me refocus on my capabilities and living life with faith and confidence rather than fear and discouragement. Love you!!”

- Devri

"I have invested time and money in a lot of self help programs, as well as attended live events that brought energy and change, but nothing has resonated with me as much as Ashleigh's program-process. I was intrigued by the thought of being able to rewire my brain and Bio Emotional Healing® did not disappoint. 

The difference for me is the way Ashleigh layers in each week with another level of consciousness, another way to think, and ultimately rewiring your old programming. 

I am thankful I have lifetime access to all the content as I will be continuing to work this process as I move through my life. My thoughts are the key to my success and happiness, and thanks to Ashleigh's teachings through Bio Emotional Healing® , I have the tools necessary to create the life I have always wanted to live.”

- Pam

"I had seen Ashleigh speak twice before knowing I needed to work with her. Before beginning Bio Emotional Healing®, I was stuck. I wasn't able to even begin to visualize what I wanted in the future. It was a blank slate. 

My story consists of childhood trauma, an abusive marriage, losing everything in a fire, and working on a Covid unit as a nurse. I had stomach issues so bad growing up that the doctors wanted to do exploratory surgery. I got really good at compartmentalizing and moving forward. Well, that only works for so long. After feeling hopeless watching poor outcomes, senseless loss, and feeling so much heartache, I broke. You can only stuff so much down. I was in a very dark place for about a year. I kept trying to pull myself out without success. Then I was blessed to meet Ashleigh. I knew in my heart this was the work I needed to do. 

Throughout the program I started working on things I thought I had resolved. My emotions turned back on. That was a shock. I had felt numb for so long. I was able to become aware of my triggers and release them. I became ok with having a bad day and sitting with it. Not every day will be a good or great day and that is ok. Within just a few weeks I had people telling me I was glowing. I felt alive, happy and free! I now feel empowered. I am able to visualize what I want for my future and am planning. Most of all I am hopeful again. 

I highly recommend this course and working with Ashleigh if you have experienced trauma or you just feel stuck. Thank you Ashleigh from the bottom of my heart for showing me how to get my life back." 

- Tricia

"I took a leap of faith believing God wanted me to reach out and I enrolled in her program and it was beyond my expectations! Ashleigh, like myself, struggled with perfectionism and wanting to be 100% productive (cry at an A- personality). I never believed I could change the way I was wired to take me out of a constant state of on the go mode - hence my nickname Busy B. I was able to rewire my brain to accept that rest and prioritizing myself are crucial to allow me to be my best self and serve others even better. Bio Emotional Healing® has allowed me to say no instead of overcommitting, and to live more freely and presently. My husband and friends notice my new energy as I am sleeping more, spending time relaxing/rewiring my brain and implementing tips/tricks her program taught me to lower my stress response. My blood work even showed that my cortisol went way down. I am so grateful to have broken the cycle of fight or flight!"

- Bianca

"I am so incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with Ashleigh Di Lello and her program BioEmotional Healing®. Not only was it comforting to relate and talk to someone who has had similar experiences with their hip, but what a gift she shared by not just commiserating with me, but actually helping me rewire my brain from the deep rooted trauma, pain, anxiety and depression. I've been so hesitant to write this testimony because I have been working on another mental hurdle since my prior journey out of pain. But I can now report that in continuing to use the tools and mindfulness of Ashleigh's program, I overcame my most recent mental block. It's been almost two years since the completion of my coaching from Ashleigh, but her methods are a gift for life and they work! Her programs and even her Instagram are such a beacon for others; she is an incredible source of wisdom. But you have to do the work, she cannot do it for you. Ashleigh, thank you so much for turning your own experiences into road maps for others. Forever grateful God placed you in my path!"

- Dayna

"I was so depressed, exhausted and so hopeless until I found Ashleigh. I was listening to The Just Ingredients podcast and Ashleigh was the guest on the show. She explained Bio Emotional Healing®, and I knew immediately I needed to contact her! Hearing her story and everything she has gone through with her health hit home to me. I felt like she was the only person in the world who knew exactly what I was going through! I finally had some hope and didn't feel so alone. I contacted her and began Bio Emotional Healing®.


Everything she taught me about the power of our brain and our thinking changed EVERYTHING. She empowered me to take control of my life again. I learned a lot about myself and how past traumas/ fear/ anxiety have been running my thoughts and my life. Since taking her class my bloating, GI issues and acne has improved. I am able to work through my triggers and when I get bloated, I can work through it and actually get rid of the bloating and discomfort that day! I still have more work to do, but I'm empowered now and feel in control. I don't feel like a victim anymore. 


I would highly recommend Bio Emotional Healing® to everyone. Ashleigh is great and has an amazing way of explaining everything, and helping you through your triggers. Since finishing the process, I've had some additional life challenges and setbacks, which is expected, but I referenced back through all of the material again and it's helped so much. I highly highly recommend working with Ashleigh, she will literally help you change your life for the better!" 

- Keira

"Working with Ashleigh was the missing piece I needed for true healing. Her program Bio Emotional Healing® is such a great accompaniment to the therapy I had done in the past around trauma. This program allowed me to see what beliefs I was holding onto and gave me the tools to change those beliefs, even though they had been hardwired for a very long time! Ashleigh explains what is happening in the brain from a scientific perspective. This is so helpful as it takes away any judgment that it’s a personal flaw to have these beliefs and shows that change is not only possible, it’s inevitable if you do the practices. Through Bio Emotional Healing®, I’ve learned many techniques that I am able to quickly tap into when old habits emerge. I’m so grateful to Ashleigh and her Bio Emotional Healing® program as it is very empowering to know you have all the tools within you to heal!" 

- Megan

"When I first heard about Ashleigh's program, I was skeptical. I have been involved in therapy for many years. I found it frustrating. I've had at least six therapists over the years, and it would always go the same. I was being treated for depression and anxiety. I would retell the stories of my life endlessly and then tell them how I feel about those experiences. At times I would leave the sessions feeling worse than when I went in. I had given up on therapy. Then my daughter told me about Ashleigh's program. I thought well I'll give it a try, but I didn't really expect much. 

I was surprised that the program actually focused on what I hoped for, solutions to the problem rather than a constant reminder that I was broken! What transpired was what Ashleigh described as my battle of discovery. The discovery of who I am, not what happened to me. This was a blast of fresh air. Finally, I was able to focus on the "fix" rather than what broke. It started with a simple statement about who I am (an affirmation statement) and what I want to achieve. Step by step we walked together in this journey of discovery, finding nuggets of gold along the way. 

While the course was only nine weeks long, I found myself with a new perspective and that was the key. It's not what happens to me that is important, but how I internalize it. We discovered thought patterns and habits that needed to be discarded and others that would be adapted. We talked about nutrition and other healthy behaviors to help stimulate positive mental health. 

In addition, some added bonuses took shape. I have suffered from migraine headaches for years and recently developed a pain in my hip. Incredibly, through reprogramming the brain I found that rather than having headaches nearly every day I would have them once a week (I'm now down to one every once in a while). The same is true of my hip pain. The mental reprogramming along with some stretching exercises have produced a pain free hip.

As Ashleigh and I travelled this road of discovery together I began to realize that it's not about some magical nine weeks. It's about reprogramming your mind to move away from the safe, but unhealthy program I was in and shift to accepting new programming that will allow me to fulfill my desire to be a better me. The tools Ashleigh provided has allowed me to understand and incorporate these concepts so that I can use them throughout my life to continually improve. Thanks Ashleigh for the "awakening."

- Jeff

"I never thought a change like this was possible. Bio Emotional Healing® has helped me fill my home with happiness and laughter. I’m present with my kids in a way I had only dreamed of before. I’m able to connect with my husband on a different level. It has even changed the way I see myself. I started this program as a stressed out, overwhelmed, working mom and I am a different person today. I have a lot more freedom and room in my life now. My brain literally thinks differently because this program has given me the tools to process my emotions and change anything in my life that is causing me pain. I will forever be grateful to Ashleigh Di Lello for doing this work and I am excited for the next chapter in my life."

- Stacey

"I heard Ashleigh on a podcast and was blown away by her depth of thought and research. I’ve done a lot of self-exploration/self-development, but her program is really unmatched in terms of practicality. The way she blends neuroscience and spirituality is unique and powerful. I’m a 34 year-old Ivy League educated, highly ambitious female. Her program helped me immeasurably around confidence building and dealing with anxiety/overwhelm in my job. Going through her program I feel more set up and on path to create my reality. I would highly recommend her process to anyone."

- Ari

"I turned to Ashleigh and Bio Emotional Healing after getting a devastating diagnosis for my dad. The grief left me with an unwavering amount of panic, and anxiety. Before Bio Emotional Healing I was having panic attacks weekly. After the program I can successfully say that I have remained panic attack free. I have regained my freedom from anxiety/panic, and for that I am forever grateful. Ashleigh guided me through what felt like a sea storm of grief. I was being knocked by each wave further, and further down. Ashleigh’s program allowed me to learn how to float on top of the waves with the greif not sink to the bottom. I was able to leave the program with a new mindset. I will say to anyone who is suffering with anxiety and grief Ashleigh is a wonderful coach, therapist, and now friend. “Grief is the tax we pay on love, with out love there is no grief .”

- Cheryl

“Before starting Bio Emotional Healing® I wasn’t really “living.” I was just trying to get through each day after having horrible skin issues that felt like they took over my life overnight and made it almost impossible to function for a year. After that subsided, for the most part I was petrified of it ever happening again. Any little sensation or mark on my skin I’d go back to that place. I was anxious all the time and felt like I had to be perfect in my routines and food or it would return. After working through this program for the first time I actually feel hopeful and excited about my future. My good days out number my bad days now and my self talk is much nicer. It’s also easier to talk myself out of times of stress and calm myself down. I’m going out more and getting back to trusting myself. It’s something you constantly have to work at but the process works!”

- Marisa

"Before doing Bio Emotional Healing®, I had experienced five years filled with grief and compounded grief. I lost my husband, mother in-law, and my sister in-law. I have also gone through a few breakups that left me emotionally drained and depressed. Sometimes I was barely able to function and wasn't able to be there for my kids in the way I wanted to. I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster with anxiety and depression. 

After working with Ashleigh and completing Bio Emotional Healing®, I have come so far! I am no longer crying every day. I am grateful for what I have and grateful for what I will have. I am feeling more motivated to do my everyday tasks, and for the first time in I don't know how long, I am taking care of my house in the way I want to. I am feeling more like myself and most importantly, I feel at peace that everything will work out. 

I am happier and more patient. I am striving to be more organized. I am closer to God. I am stronger, braver, and I'm learning to set boundaries. I'm not sure exactly where my life will go, and I know I will always grieve the people that I have lost but I know I am the creator of my life and I trust the process."

- Lisa

"Bio Emotional Healing® has completely transformed me. I struggled with fear, anxiety, insecurity, perfectionism, and the need to control. For decades I made every effort to be free, happy and peaceful with very little success. These emotions and behaviors wreaked havoc on my health and my body.

Through Bio Emotional Healing®, I am free of negative thoughts and emotions. I am empowered to truly forgive after repeatedly trying to forgive a person for 25+ years, and I have released the deep accompanying anger. I am now experiencing inner peace, genuine gratitude, and trust. I love feeling calm and content in both mind and body. Actually, I’m addicted to it! I love feeling great! Through Bio Emotional Healing®, I have the skills and tools to keep growing in freedom and wholeness. Ashleigh, thank you so much for your kindness, compassion, wisdom, and support."

- Beth

My time is very limited so please only book a call if you are serious about changing your life.