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Do you struggle with fear, anxiety, or self-doubt? Are you stuck in a negative thought loop or have an unhealthy relationship with yourself? Do you live with chronic pain or illness? I know what it's like to feel like a prisoner to your body and mind. That's why I created Bio Emotional Healing®. Join me on my podcast as I share with you the secrets to healing the mind-body connection and how my clients are finally breaking FREE. You CAN have freedom! Let me show you how.




Episode 12: Jenica Parcell: Finding Strength And Grace Through Infertility

In this episode, Jenica Parcell and I dive deep into her infertility journey. We talk about the shame that often accompanies infertility and how the experience impacted her physically and emotionally. We also talk about how her journey changed when she decided to really advocate for herself, and led her on a new path that ultimately resulted in the birth of her twins. What's beautiful about Jenica is that she's truly turned her pain into purpose and now coaches other women through their infertility experience. 

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Episode 11: Surrender

What does it mean to surrender? For a long time I thought it meant giving up, but then one night when I was exhausted to the depths of my soul, I realized that surrendering didn't mean I stopped fighting for what I wanted. It meant that I could fight differently. Instead of fighting and taking action from a fearful state of needing to control, I was taking action from a faithful state, trusting and believing that the healing would come at the right time and in the right way. 

Learning to surrender takes practice over and over again, and in this episode I'll walk you through the distinctions that changed everything for me and my healing.

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Episode 10: Ben Azadi: 4 Health Myths Debunked

From overweight, unhealthy, and suicidal to a 4-time best selling author, Ben Azadi is on a mission to educate and inspire 1 billion people to take control of their health and live their best life. In this episode Ben breaks down four popular health myths, as well as how to optimize sleep and the importance of nose breathing to your overall health.

The Keto Kamp Podcast (episode with Ashleigh Di Lello)


Episode 9: How to Give Yourself Permission to REST Without Any Self-Criticism or Guilt

Do you ever struggle to step back from life, take a break, and just rest? Do you feel like your days need to be filled with doing something, and if it not, you struggle with self-critical thoughts or guilt? In this episode, I’m sharing two fundamental reasons why your brain and body struggle to rest, and how you can finally give yourself permission without any self-criticism or guilt.

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Episode 8: Dr. Jeffery Nelson: The Crucial Role of Hormones in Overall Health: Synthetic vs. Bioidentical Hormones Explained

In this episode Dr. Jeffery S. Nelson, founder of Freedom Healthcare, discusses the crucial role of hormones to our overall health for both men and women. He also breaks down the difference between synthetic and bioidentical hormones, and why it's essential for doctors to listen and treat the patient and not just rely on lab work.


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Episode 7: Drew Manning: The Emotional Connection To Food

Drew Manning shares his journey of purposely gaining and then losing 75 pounds, not once but twice, in order to gain empathy for those struggling with transformation. In this episode we discuss the strong emotional attachment to food and how to overcome its conditioned pull on the body and mind. Drew believes empathy bridges the gap in the fitness industry and is the key to understanding the deeper mental and emotional challenges connected to physical transformation.

Drew Manning is a well known Keto coach, physical trainer, and NY Times Best Selling Author of the book Fit2Fat2Fit. His podcast has over 2.5 million downloads and he's been featured on TV shows such as Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, The View and many more. His experiment became a hit TV show called Fit to Fat to Fit, airing on A&E & Lifetime. Drew recently wrote and published his second book, Complete Keto.

Episode 6: Navigating Your Emotions

You are going to experience all spectrum of emotions as part of your human experience. Difficult experiences create difficult emotions. They give us contrast and depth, but only by experiencing them, not suppressing them. So how do you experience them without getting lost in them? In this episode, I'm discussing a very important principle, as well as a three-step process to navigating your emotions. 

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Episode 5: How The Brain Works Part 3

Your brain isn’t wired to thrive. It’s wired to survive. So if you just leave everything to your brain, it will want to keep you exactly where you are for "safety" reasons. In this episode, part 3 of a 3-part series on the brain, I'm diving into why understanding this can be the key to finally breaking free. 

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Episode 4: How The Brain Works Part 2

We become what we think about. This isn’t just a good sounding phrase people say. It's the truth in how your brain and body operate. In this episode, part 2 of a 3-part series on the brain, I'm talking about the network of neurons in your brain that filters information and how you can harness it to be a superpower in your life! 

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Episode 3: How The Brain Works Part 1

How do you begin to stop the negative thought loop, anxiety, sadness, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs? How do you stop feeling like you're battling your mind all day long?

In this episode, part 1 of a 3-part series on the brain, I'm sharing the real reason you're stuck and what drives your brain to create certain thoughts and stress responses. 

And... The key to it ALL starts with understanding how your brain works. 

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Episode 2: Your Body Is Your Home

When we think of the body, we tend to just think of everything physical, but your body is so much more than that. It’s the home you live in! It’s the home to your heart, your soul, your mind, your passions, your fears, and your traumas. It's the HOME to all your life experiences that have shaped who you are and how you think. 

Yet so many people feel like prisoners in their body, whether that’s physically, mentally, or emotionally. The next two episodes will address the mental and emotional components, whereas in this episode, I’m going to focus solely on the physical body and the crucial perspective shift that will start to heal your relationship with it. This understanding changed everything for me and it can for you too. 

Episode 1: What Is Body Freedom Radio?

In this episode I explain the purpose behind Body Freedom Radio and what it means for YOU! Make sure to listen to this episode first as it will lay the groundwork for the rest of the podcast. Let's do this!